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Brand Strategy: Why The Evian Water Bra Never Took Off

Brand Strategy: Why The Evian Water Bra Never Took Off When it was released in 2005, the Evian Water Bra was meant to be a revolutionary piece of wearable technology and fashion statement. The product allowed customers to carry two liters…
How Great Product Packaging Influences Consumer Sales - featured image

How Great Product Packaging Influences Consumer Sales

Although often left unnoticed, product packaging plays a huge role in a product’s significance among consumers. It can serve as the product’s identity and motivates consumer behaviour in many ways. Some experts say that packaging is as important…

Bradbury Brand + Design Experts Reviewed Anew on Clutch

We recently received reviews on Clutch that demonstrate our expertise in branding services. Our branding efforts were a success! The client was able to use our branding and visual assets in their public-facing campaigns, and their organization became instantly recognizable.

The Hidden Costs of Poor Branding

Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door. Or it should. But it doesn't. And it never did. But there was a time when a good product (or service), great customer service, a discounted price and some fancy ads would at least get you a decent market share. Not anymore.

How Do I Brand A Start-Up?

As a start-up, your brand begins with who you are. It is the essence of you and your organization. How you live out your values, follow your passion, and deliver on your promises is what creates the brand. Every time an individual encounters your brand a lasting impression is made, positively or negatively.

Use Your Non-Profit Brand Strategy To Influence Social Impact

Using your non-profit brand mainly to support your fundraising efforts? A robust brand strategy can take you further. When you develop a broader, more strategic branding approach, your non-profit organization can have an even greater social…

Brand Purpose Drives More than Just Marketing

Brand purpose impacts how your market views your brand and can drive more than just your marketing efforts. Defining your brand purpose helps inform business strategy, operational processes, and human resource decisions, too.

What the Amish can Teach us about Branding

Is your brand’s customer experience designed from your company’s perspective or your customers’? Hear the word Amish and we tend to think people who are anti-technology. But, like all stereotypes, this perception isn’t really accurate.