That is a great question. One we get asked a lot. Do you every wonder why some businesses try so incredibly hard but just can‘t seem to catch fire and grow like they want to?

Quite often we find its because these businesses have reduced their perception of a brand to a catchy name, a pretty logo, a clever tagline and a cool website. These are great marketing tools, but they are not a brand. And on their own, they will not make the business successful.

As brand consultants we do more than just produce logos, taglines and websites. We look under the hood, do some diagnosing, and optimize the performance of your brand so you can achieve your goals and objectives. We align your brand strategy with your business and marketing strategies so you can save money while maximizing your impact in your market. We help operationalize your brand across the organization, from human resources to client services to sales, so every part is delivering on your brand promise. And we assist in designing signature customer experiences to build loyal fan bases.

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Your brand is not your logo. It isn’t your tagline. Or your social media. Your brand is how people experience your organization across every single touchpoint. Think of your brand like a pie — there are many ingredients involved in making a pie, each one necessary to creating a savory success. The promises you make to your customers, the customer experience you provide, your values, your story, character, personality, voice, visual aesthetic, and other foundational elements all combine to create your brand. Working together they become a powerful force to attract and retain customers.

At Bradbury, we help you discover and implement these important elements so you can improve your business decisions, build awareness, engage ideal clients, grow revenue and deliver value to consumers.

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A logo on its own is simply a graphic element with a name. It is a piece of your brand used for visual communication and recognition. A brand is made up of both tangible and intangible elements that represent a business or organization. A well-designed logo should reflect your brand heartbeat — your values, character and personality.

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We take businesses and organizations through a strategic process, identifying key elements of their brand: values, character, personality, target audience and differentiators, followed by a competitor analysis. Once this data is collected, we develop messaging and smart visual solutions that set you apart from your competition.

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We guarantee you will be happy with the work we do. We make that promise confidently, based on a 30+ year history of successful projects and long-term client relationships.

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Absolutely! Bradbury works with businesses, non-profits and arts organizations of all sizes. We accommodate all reasonable budgets and offer flexible payment options.

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Our top priority is the success of our clients. And we have 30+ year’s worth of success stories working with financial services and insurance agencies; dentists and doctors; wholesalers, retailers and shopping centres; lawyers, engineers and architects; universities and colleges; construction and agriculture; logistics and transportation; health care organizations; art galleries, museums, zoos; and many more.

When we say we provide world-class, award-winning design we are not exaggerating. We’ve received more than 300 national and international graphic design awards juried by some of the world’s top designers, marketing and communications experts.

Best of all, we believe the foundation of every world-class customer experience is the people who deliver it. Founder, CEO & Creative Director, Catharine Bradbury, and her 30+ years experience will work directly with you on every project. Every member of the Bradbury team are exceptionally talented, committed to excellence, and understand that behind the Bradbury name are many small, meaningful gestures that help make our clients’ day easier, happier, and more successful.

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