Bradbury Brand + Design Experts Breaks Into The Top Branding Agencies List For Canada

Our team has been through more than three decades in the industry and we’ve won numerous awards and accolades along the way. But even with all that, we’re still eager to prove to a new generation of business leaders that we’re the partners they need to reach their goals.

We recently had the honor of proving this in one of our most recent projects. What makes this engagement special, however, is what happened afterward that will change our team significantly moving forward.


The company involved in this particular project was a luxury candle maker that was looking for a professional team that will completely build their brand. The goal was to craft an identity that communicated luxury but was still approachable and able to connect with customers. They chose our team because they liked our past work and we came highly recommended.

We began the process by creating a branding team with whom we discussed how they would use their knowledge of the company and the target market to benefit the project. Our team collaborated closely with the company in crafting the branding strategy. This became the basis for the playbook, logo, and packaging design that was designed later on.

While we won’t go into further detail about the process of the project and ensuing results, we encourage everyone to read the full account on our Clutch profile. The score that our client gave us for this project is more than enough recognition for our team. But the effect this particular feedback has had apparently goes beyond its five-star rating.

Thanks to the high average of our scores on Clutch, the platform has us listed on their top Canadian branding agencies rankings. This is a most welcome development that will help us in our own quest for awareness in our own industry. Add this to the fact that all of our past clients and partners have only had good things to say about our work, it will be much easier to convert potential customers.

All these accolades are no accident and our team is more than ready to prove it. Please visit our website to get more information on the services we offer. You may also talk to our team directly for any questions and inquiries on how we can help you. Build up your brand with us today.