Brand Purpose Drives More than Just Marketing

Brand purpose impacts how your market views your brand and can drive more than just your marketing efforts. Defining your brand purpose helps inform business strategy, operational processes, and human resource decisions, too.

What is a Brand Purpose?

Brand purpose encompasses what your organization stands for, your reason for being and the needs you fulfill in the market. Then, your brand purpose identifies how you create value as you interact with customers, the community, employees, partners, and the planet. So, your purpose is why you do what you do, outward-focused, defining how you make a difference.

Why Define Your Brand Purpose?

Defining your brand purpose is a soul-searching, self-examination process, so small, medium-sized, and huge multinational corporations all go through the same steps. As you define your purpose, you gain invaluable insight into what drives the brand. Internally, the organization develops focus making everything from employee engagement to executive decision-making easier. It can also help you identify areas that might be out of alignment.

Externally, customers see their spending makes them part of a grander effort. Then they become part of a movement that makes a difference, not just helping a company make a profit. The latest generation of consumers looks specifically for brands that have meaning. So, they seek brands that inspire, bring strength, and make a positive impact in their world.

When customers look at products, they weigh differentiating factors, like price, visuals, and other messages. Brand purpose gets customers to reach for your product over the competitors’.

Defined brand purpose demonstrates

  • How your product/organization adds value to customers, society, or the planet
  • That your product is different from competitors
  • Clarification on your corporate culture

A well-considered brand purpose has the customer in mind throughout. The primary goal connects the brand emotionally with customers, so your brand elevates to the most desirable choice. As a result, employees gain greater engagement, significance in their work, and job satisfaction, which leads to higher productivity levels.

Next Steps

Defining your brand purpose is the first step. From there, a cascade of inspiration and engagement pour into your organization.

  • Team members understand, believe in, and engage with the purpose.
  • Human resource decisions resolve.
  • Developing a clearly defined brand purpose keeps you and your team motivated.
  • Communications, design, and marketing all shift into alignment with the brand.

Your brand already has a purpose. The goal is to uncover, articulate, and define that purpose so it can infuse direction and focus throughout your organization. At Bradbury, we clarify, simplify, and streamline the process to help you define your brand purpose.

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