Picking the Right Type of Packaging Boxes for Your Business

Product Packaging Design

As companies try to impress their customers to increase the sales of their products, better packaging is considered an essential marketing element.

Today packaging serves purposes well beyond their original intention of product preservation. Great packaging is a form of advertising. As John McCabe of Start-Up Nation points out,

the American Supermarket holds more than 20,000 products, all competing to attract the attention of the consumer. A typical 30-minute shopping session is all they have to attract, impress and make them ‘take it’. With so much of competition, product packaging seems to be among the best marketing tool to directly communicate and influence customers.”  (Start Up Nation)

As with anything else, there are countless options for businesses to choose from. After selecting a form of packaging for your company, it’s your job to promote that packaging and your products to create loyal customers. But what if you don’t have any prior experience in making a packaging choice? No need to worry. We have listed a couple of tips below that may help you in the long run.

Product Packaging Design

  1. The size of the packaging box should be determined according to the size of the product. It is the most important thing to decide, as the box plays a significant role in the product’s overall presentation. Always select a package that has the same or slightly more space than the product. You want to ensure a good fit. You also want to avoid the unnecessary expenses of paying for a larger packaging box than you actually need.
  2. The packaging box should be strong enough to sustain the weight of its contents. It is necessary to select a box that can hold its contents properly. You don’t want a box that displays any signs of cracks, bowing, or other damages as a result of transporting your product.
  3. The box’s material should be picked with the type of product and its characteristics in mind. For example, if the product is sensitive to air and temperature, it is better to choose a box equipped with an integrated lining. If the product needs protection against ultraviolet rays, select an opaque container.
  4. Packaging boxes come in all types of patterns, colours, and sizes. After choosing the correct box for your product, you want to personalize it to give it a unique look since packaging aesthetics is fundamental to attracting customer attention. Seek out a graphic designer with experience in packaging design, as they will already have the skills and processes in place to ensure your packaging aligns with your brand strategy. 
  5. The price of a packaging box varies from one type to another type. You can save money by purchasing in bulk. But do you really need that much? It may be more practical to buy enough packaging for a particular sales season rather than face the inconvenience of paying extra costs and potential damage to store excess boxes if you don’t currently have adequate room.    
  6. Consider using eco-friendly packaging. In conjunction with being healthy for the environment, eco-friendly packaging is also healthy for consumers as it is generally allergy and toxin-free. Increasingly, more consumers are avoiding brands that prefer to use packaging that ends up in landfills, especially if one of the brand’s core values claims to include environmental protection.

In the end, whatever packaging you choose should be attractive enough to catch people’s attention as an effective promotional strategy, be the right size, shape, and durability for your product, and be representative of your brand.  

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