The Significance of Product Packaging When Marketing

The Significance of product packaging

Products are often considered the star of the show, which is relatively warranted. They’re what consumers are truly looking for and purchasing from your company, after all. However, businesses tend to skim the planning for the product’s packaging. It could just be a matter of priorities and believing that packaging makes no impact on marketing and sales.

However, business owners should recognize how the consumers will be seeing and receive the product. Package design and feel is such a strong tool that many companies can utilize to their advantage in marketing. If you aren’t convinced, here are the significant uses of packaging:


Packaging helps in relaying information to the customer about what’s in the product. If you observe whatever’s on the market, it’s customary to put the name of the product, the ingredients in it, disclaimers that a customer should be aware of, and how exactly it’s used. It’s a blanket way of marketing, telling a client what the product is intended for through printed text.


Packages, in many cases, help in protecting the product that’s being stored in it. Logistics and shipment can often damage the product, even with bubble wrap and careful hands. No matter how fragile the item is, how the product is packaged should be able to save it from any harm. That way, it comes intact as the customer receives what they ordered from your business.


Although packaging can simply come in a plain box or plastic can, more effort should be put into it than that. Packaging has a clear impact on sales as consumers tend to have packaging on their criteria. For example, the beauty industry had seen a shift in consumer behaviour depending on the packaging of the face, eye, and lip products they’re selling.


In conjunction with innovation, packaging also helps in presenting and showcasing the product itself. It’s meant to show flourish and appeal to customers. Many big luxury brands such as Gucci and Chanel have done wonders in terms of presenting their products and creating an experience out of unboxing.

The Significance of Product Packaging When Marketing


When one thinks of blue boxes, Tiffany & Co is often the first thing that comes to mind. The company’s iconic way of packaging its jewelry and fragrances has been a staple all across the market, sparking recognition from customers and onlookers alike. There’s also Cadbury with its distinct shade of purple on just about every chocolate that they market and sell.

These are perfect examples of how important packaging can be in driving your branding forward. The design becomes almost symbolic of a business. Consumers can recall your brand and product just upon seeing the packaging outside of it and even pick it out from products offered by other competitors.


As implied by all the points above, packaging helps in creating an impression for customers. Remember that the user experience always starts at the beginning, and it’s the appearance of the exterior when it comes to the product. It’s ideal for businesses to have customers hooked on packaging from the very start. That way, they form a great review of the overall product. 

If your business hasn’t been investing in product packaging yet, now is a better time than any to start. That way, you would be able to capitalize on this marketing opportunity and improve customer satisfaction in the long run.

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