The Importance Of Strategy In Packaging Design

Investing in your company’s public image can be done in different ways. Often this is accomplished through signage, social media posts, vehicle wraps and even uniforms. Another branding medium businesses should consider is packaging design.

Having the right package design is crucial for business success. Besides ensuring the product arrives safely in the hands of the consumer, packaging can also reflect a company’s attention to detail. For this reason, many companies, particularly those that ship delicate or fragile products, need to have a strategy for their packaging design.

If you’re running one of these three businesses, you need to consider a packaging strategy:

Bakery Products

Bakery products need to match their competitors, not just in the taste of their products but also through effective packaging. This is because most bakery establishments don’t have a dine-in option to double as a café. A majority of their products are transported by hand or with a logistics provider, which can be problematic for delicate items like cakes and other forms of dessert.

A bakery’s product packaging should be more than just appealing; it must also be structurally sound. Bakeries need to grab not only a customer’s attention but also their trust by ensuring products arrive whole and complete. For example, depending on the product, the packaging can contain dividers to separate individual pieces or stands to keep cakes and other pastries remain intact and look delicious.

Skincare Products

Skincare products are an essential part of people’s lives. Since they’re used in intimate spaces, consumers tend to pay particular attention to the aesthetic appearance of the containers and packaging before buying. Whether it’s a facial wash or toner, shampoo or conditioner, the design needs to look appealing and thematically similar other options in the brand’s product line. Creative product packaging with distinct features makes it easier for the brand to be identifiable among other products in the vanity closet.

While aesthetical appeal is an important consideration in the packaging strategy, great design also takes into account the function of the packages and containers. Through the use of creative design, manufacturers of skin care products have the opportunity to mitigate common container and packaging issues such as spillage, packaging waste, difficult-to-open cartons, and product dispensing challenges.

Tech Products

Tech products come in all shapes and sizes, from mechanical keyboards to full-fledged desktops. Since these devices often come with numerous accessories, it’s important for the packaging to segment them properly. Additionally, tech products are often shipped in bulk across wide distances. For this reason, there must be enough padding supporting the structural framework of these packages to sustain falls and bumps if they occur in transit.

Creative packaging in the tech sector can also create an on-brand experience. Apple packaging is well-known and loved by Apple users. It is mind-boggling the number of people who keep their Apple packaging, even long after they replaced that product with a new one. This is because every Apple product and accessory is carefully placed within the packaging to create an experience even before the product has been used. Packaging not only protects the tech, it can utilized as a brand ambassador.

Great package development is a science and an art. When considering your packaging strategy it’s necessary to look for bespoke solutions to match your company’s needs. At Bradbury Brand + Design Experts, we help small businesses develop the right brand strategies through innovative packaging and marketing output. Contact us today to discuss how we can design a custom packaging solution for you.