5 Ways Great Packaging Increases Sales

Ways Great Packaging Increases Sales

What makes a product stand out? 

Some customers choose according to their loyalty, some because of the ingredients in the development, and others choose because of the ethical practices involved in their making. However, most pick the product due to psychology. Customers will pick out a product that they’ve never heard of or tried before based on how attracted they are to the packaging.

Maximizing psychology for product packaging isn’t exclusive to big companies. Even if you’re a starting business, using psychology to design your packaging is an excellent start to a long journey. According to the Forbes Business Council, choosing the right colours, analyzing the shape, structure, form, picking suitable packaging materials, and branding through typography are signs that the product design is on the right track.

But what exactly does packaging do to products? How does it increase sales in a market where companies compete against each other using the same products? We have to understand the roles of packaging in increasing product sales.

1. Grabs Attention

There is a big chance that a competitor may offer the same products as you do. Through great packaging, your products get to stand out from the crowd. Although competing products are displayed on the same shelf, the quality of the packaging should set it apart from the competition.

The packaging design should grab the consumers’ attention to make them choose your product over others. Design a package that makes customers take a second look and linger. The customer’s curiosity should lure them back to the product and highlight the unique selling points of the product within the first seconds. The emotional impact is also critical in making a sale.

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2. Repeat Sales

Packaging can influence a consumer’s possibility of making a repeat sale. Products with packaging that enhances the usability and storage of a product make consumers return to stores to make another purchase. 

Meanwhile, packaging that’s difficult to store, manage, or causes damage to the product inside can do the exact opposite. Using trends to outpace your competitors is a great way to develop and design new packaging designs to draw customers to the product.

3. Improves Profitability and Customer Demand

Appropriately designed packaging is a unique opportunity to boost retail sales. The design should be part of a supplier’s product marketing strategy to create a significant impact on the buying public.

4. Increases Brand Awareness

Since packaging bears logos and other brand elements, the wrap itself can also be an element of your brand. As long as customers see your product on the shelves along with other products, they’ll easily recognize your product and think about your company. 

In the future, when they need something else, great packaging will remind them of your company and the products you provide.

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5. Marketing Tool

Customers may share images of aesthetically pleasing or unique products online. A simple post on social media can boost awareness of your brand and an unofficial recommendation from the customer who wrote about it. Meanwhile, unboxing videos are also a popular method to market the products on social media. Many people tune in to influencers while they unbox parcels or PR packages.

Keep in mind that packaging design should be both attractive and functional. It should trigger the customer’s emotions once they see it. Emotional triggers are vital factors in having successful sales. Use these emotions to channel more reasons to buy the products. Combine those two to generate sales.

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