The Value of Prototypes: Why You Need Packaging Mock-ups

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Businesses need to cover different aspects of their product before releasing them. This includes intangible preparations like setting up marketing campaigns online to tangible assets like packaging mock-ups. While it’s important to invest in a product’s advertising, nothing will compare to having the actual item in a customer’s home. It’s this tangible aspect of your product development that needs the most preparation.

Preparing Your Product Launch

Besides designing a quality product, it’s vital to make the necessary provisions for its mass production and safe delivery to customers. This is where the value of effective product packaging comes in. Since you need to strike the perfect balance between functionality and durability under your budget ceiling, you must have a workable frame of reference. 

In this article, we’ll share three reasons you should invest in developing package mock-ups.

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1. Great for Experimenting with Different Designs

A package mock-up serves as a visual representation of your product’s full package. However, this isn’t the same as proposing a poster or a t-shirt design to your team. Product packaging needs to be practically feasible to produce and easy to open. This is why you need to have a glimpse of how the final design could look like.

Different products will have varying demands for their packaging. For companies selling gadgets, it’s essential to have the proper space and cushioning effect for fragile items and other supplementary parts. This includes the product itself and other accessories like chargers and cords. This concern for separate pieces also applies to other products, like makeup kits and medical devices.

2. Excellent for Revisions

Having a product mock-up is an excellent way to progress through revisions naturally. This is because the digital model won’t always appear as seamless as its tangible counterpart after printing. For example, some inks may not correspond well with your material of choice. Besides these cosmetic concerns, your packaging must also be easy to handle with an intuitive design.

Since package mock-ups are meant to be tangible, you need to display them in action to determine their weaknesses. Like any part of your production line, producing packaging will take up resources. For this reason, you need to learn the best ways to cut down on expenses while maintaining the practical and aesthetic function of your packaging.

3. Effective for Presentations

Your customers won’t be the first people to see and interact with your product packaging. In fact, it’s more natural to present your product to potential investors who want to partner with your brand. That’s why it’s essential to be ready with more than just facts and statistics during your company presentations.

Before even worrying about your product launch, you need to display the marketability of your product to your investors. Besides a compelling keynote presentation, your prototype products and product packaging will make a stellar impact on your potential stakeholders. The closer to the final draft you are, the sooner you can plan your product launch with full confidence.

Going through several revisions of your product packaging is natural and even inevitable. After all, you can’t expect to get something right on your first try. This is why it’s vital to invest in packaging mock-ups to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current design. Thankfully, you can easily remedy and revise your printed packaging with the help of design specialists.

At Bradbury, we help businesses make the right impression by providing innovative packaging. Our design specialists will ensure you’re covered in all the ways you can present your vision to your target market. Contact us today and we’ll draw customer attention to your product on retail shelves!